Welcome to the MANC Umpires Page!


Thank you for volunteering your time to be an umpire for MANC and C&DNA.


We are fortunate enough to have the following members on our umpire committee, Kara, Jane, Nicole and Leanne. One or all of these ladies will be around on Saturdays either umpiring, mentoring or just watching up and coming umpires.


To contact the committee please email: or call 0448930322 (Kara Nurm)


Uniform and Equipment

All umpires are required to wear a white shirt. No exceptions. If you are just umpiring you must wear a white shirt, white skirt or black tights/shorts. (no Short Shorts). 

You can wear your MANC dress on underneath IF you are either playing before or after you umpire.

At every game you should have your rule book, Whistle (preferably a Thunderer) and a hair tie, Water bottle, Sunscreen on, and sunnies or a hat.


Umpire equipment can be purchased from:




Rosters will be emailed out on a Wednesday (afternoon/night). And a second to be emailed on a Friday IF there are any changes.

If you are planning a holiday please give advance warning (preferably 1-2 weeks), this helps with umpire allocations.

If something has popped up, kindly send a text or call. Please try not to cancel right before the game… It makes it hard to find an umpire last minute…But we understand things happen.


Umpires are paid every 5 weeks… If you have a bank account, please email account details so that the payments can be directly transferred to you. (Umpires from 2020 who provided bank details will only need to provide details if there have been changes)

Pay days are:

-          Round 6

-          Round 11

-          Round 15/semis 


Unbadged umpires: No Payment

Beginners: $15 Per Game

Graduate/Association: $20 per Junior Game & $25 per Senior Game 

National Umpires: $25 per Junior Game & $35 per Senior Game

Mentors: $10 per timeslot


Head on over to your My Netball Account and search through the online learning tab. 

For detailed instructions please email


Main courses you will need:


  •  Rules of Netball Theory Examination ($10) 

Association and above

  • Rules of Netball Theory ($10)
  • Foundation Umpire Education Course ($40)


Most importantly.... HAVE FUN!